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Challenge for Aug/Sept

Challenge for Aug/Sept: Double Play - Songs about summer or Songs about school.

Humpty Dumpty Heart
Here's a great Hank Thompson Country song I like to sing..Enjoy, Peter
Well hiya Peter, have not heard you for a while, rockin away to this great sub, have a great weekend, unless your working lol.. good job. Pete.
LAURIE OH! (aka Tread)
Oh, Peter, Sorry I did not leave a comment. I couldn't move too well the other day (illness). So on my 2nd listen. (cause I love this song and sing it too). I had to come back and tell you how much I enjoyed hearing you sing it. Thank you. You have always sung so handsomely. And I look forward to running into you once again in the world (as it seems we do). When this place is laid to rest. Hugs.
Thanks Laurie for your visit to my song!

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