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The Lords Prayer
Hello to all. This is my first recording for 2018. This is a custom track I had made, and it is Andrea Bocelli version with the ending of Jim Nabors version. I thought I shared ...Show More
The Tragedy Of Prince Hamlet - From the Transported Man
Another from the Shatner album, not many more will vr successfully. This is a famous soliloquy from Hamlet. Parts are more famous than others. To listen or not to listen...
Romeo and Juliet - From William Shatner's - The Transformed Man
And yet, another WS VR. The Westside Story, before it became the Westside Story. True luv does not run smooth. I'm in a sharing in mode so I do so, with this classic tale, as being...Show More
Cyrano De Bergerac - From William Shatner's - The Transformed Man
I do like this, that is to speak it and express it and... well I like the soliloquy. Tis another VR track.
Misty Blue
a song by Billy Joe Spears,

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