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Broken Wings (Mr. Mister)
"Broken Wings" is a 1985 song recorded by American pop rock band Mr. Mister. It was released in September 1985 as the lead single from their second album Welcome to the R...Show More
Midnight Blue
Duet with : Ritisroo
Duet with Ritisroo. This is a song from 1982 by Louise Tucker and Charlie Skarsbek. Wikipedia, "Midnight Blue - utilized the melody of the second movement of "Sonata Pat...Show More
No Matter What
Challenge Name : Boy Band Songs
Been a half century since I was a boy, but here goes this month's challenge. This song was actually written for the Andrew Loyd Weber musical, Whistle Down The Wind but was record...Show More
Disc MFG Name : Music Maestro
From Wikipedia: "Jessie" is a song by American artist Joshua Kadison. It was released in May 1993 as the debut lead single from the album Painted Desert Serenade, but did...Show More
Careless Whisper
Hello, everyone! Released in 1984, this was George Michael's (formerly of the pop band, "WHAM!") first solo hit. This is my first recording after a longer than usual la...Show More
I Touch Myself - Divinyls
Sorry if this song provides too much information..... ;) LOL All kidding aside, this is probably my most favorite song to sing....first because it totally makes you have to bring ...Show More
Run Runaway (Slade cover)
This song was Slade's break-thru single in the US, charting at #20 in 1984. For my cover, I double-tracked most of the vocals on this to give it a fuller sound. Enjoy, and God bles...Show More
You got it
Disc MFG Name : Karaoke-VersionDisc Number : 54548
Holding out for a Hero
Did this one at Hubby's request :) I know there is possibly some clipping in the vocals...did not realize I needed to turn the mic down just a touch more. This was a very hard one...Show More
Stone In Love (Journey cover)
Challenge Name : February challenge
This recording is from when I could still sing Journey songs. LOL! Enjoy, and God bless.
Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Another challenge submission...Everyone will no doubt recognize this song as the theme for TV's Cheers. It was written and performed by Gary Portnoy, who later recorded a longer v...Show More
Walking In Memphis (Mark Cohn cover)
Another old recording. I apologize in advance because I know I messed up the timing in a few places. It was a lot harder for me to sing than I thought it would be! Have a great wee...Show More
Breakfast At Tiffany's (Letters to Cleo cover)
Sorry I've been away so long, My wife and I have been moving to a new home. Hope everyone is doing well. God bless! :)
How about dusting off a recording from 2007? Sure why not ha. I've been doing alot of cleaning these days, trying to find the way back to myself. Thanks if you choose to listen.
Missing You (Steve Perry cover)
One of my earliest recordings. God bless!
Lost In Love
My wife was a big Air Supply fan. We always loved this song. Wish she was here to sing it with me.
Baby Im a Star
A year ago today we lost one of my all-time favorite inspirations, Prince. This man was a genius well before his time. I remember watching The Today Show when Bryant Gumbel was ret...Show More

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