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Frente - Bizarre Love Triangle
Had a rough day today, so I took it out on my microphone. This song has a very deep personal meaning to me, and I have always enjoyed and felt connected to it. Sorry the "p'...Show More
Robbie Williams
Leader Of The Pack
Stepped out of my comfort zone again and decided to try and oldie out. I grew up listening to this song and have always liked it, but never get up the nerve to try it until tonight...Show More
Tiree love song
Challenge Name : February love songs challenge
The Corries were a Scottish folk group, originally a trio but best known as a duo comprising of Ronnie Browne and Roy Williamson. They performed as a group from 1962 until Williams...Show More
I'll See You In My Dreams
Challenge Name : February Love theme
Perhaps it will be a dream, perchance it to be a nightmare, or just the results of too much partying. This is a love song, where the love has been stolen away.
I Don't Want To Set the World On Fire
Challenge Name : Valentine
A few years ago I made my own little backtrack for this old as dirt song. Thanks for listening "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire" is a 1941 pop song written by Benn...Show More
A Visit To A Sad Planet -
From Leonard Nimoy's album - Highly Illogical. It a forecast of what may be.
The Transformed Man - from William Shatner's album of the same title
I am the man that transformed this from a Shatner vocal to a Qwirky one.
The Winner
Released in 1975, this song would go on to become one of Bobby's most requested songs to sing in concert. It was written by Shel Silverstein. One of my all time faves.....:-) K...Show More
Little Bit O' Soul
Me and the Hooligans.. I had no idea this song I know of from 1967 by Music Explosion, had been recorded before... "Little Bit O' Soul" is a song written in 1964 by Brit...Show More
Still Got The Blues For You
A beauty from Gary Moore. Thanks for listening to my humble version.
Skylark sang this originally, but I know it's nothing like the original. I'd never heard it, but it had a kind of haunting sound that I really liked, as I listened to the track, be...Show More
Valentine February Love Theme
Challenge Name : Love Challenge
Perfect song for February's Love if I only had a Valentine to sing it to. This song was written by Jim Brickman and performed beautifully with the lovely and talented M...Show More
It's Your Love  duet with Lou Martucci ( Feb challenge)
Challenge Name : Valentine Duet with : Lou Martucci
Several years ago, I sang this song with the talented, Lou Martucci on lead. He and his wife are one of the most sincerest people I have met online.. So I have chosen this song ...Show More
The Suffering (Coheed and Cambria cover)
I really liked how intricately this band weaves their instruments and vocals. This cover is mostly me doing lead vox; some of it double-tracked. I do minimal harmony work; mostly t...Show More
The Beatles
Poor Poor Pitiful Me
Singing all parts.. Written by Warren Zevon. Recorded by Linda Ronstadt. Thank you for listening
A Letter to my children
Dedicated To : All the sons and daughters
Age comes to us all
King Henry the Fifth -  - From Shatner's album -The Transported Man
Once more onto the beach, dear friends, once more - as spring break is nearing. Just a play on words. King Henry leads the charge against the French, rallying his men. Of course t...Show More
Someone Loves You Honey  - love challenge
Challenge Name : Love
A great old Charlie Pride hit.

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