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Challenge for Aug/Sept

Challenge for Aug/Sept: Double Play - Songs about summer or Songs about school.

Everlasting Love
The first time I heard this song was in England in 1968. The group that had a hit record with it was called **Love Affair**. Later, I found out that it was a cover of a Robert K...Show More
among my solveniers
Connie Francis a all time favorite singer
Free Ride cover
This is my praise band accompanying a Shriner singing group. I'm playing the clav and bass.
Wild Horses - Rolling Stones
A song I always enjoyed! Thanks for listening :)
Best Of My Love (The Eagles)
Released in 1975, this song quickly rose to Number 1. I have lived this song since then. It*s kind of a stretch for these old pipes, Keith
Smoke from a Distant Fire - Sanford & Townsend
"Smoke from a Distant Fire" Sanford & Townsend "The Smoke from a Distant Fire" Trk:1 1977 Ed Sanford; John Townsend; Steven Paul Stewart http://www.youtu...Show More
Laat Me Niet Alleen (Ne Me Quitte Pas)
Jacques Brel. This is such a beautiful song. You have to feel the words while you sing them and the best way to do so, I guess, is to use your mother tongue. So I'll do it in Dutc...Show More
It's My Life (No Doubt)
Thanks for listening! :)
Paper Rosie
Paper Rosie was written by Canadian Country Music Hall of Famer Dallas Harms. He released it as a single in 1975 and it made it to Number 23 on the charts. 2 years later, Gene Wat...Show More
I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket
Hope you enjoy this old Ella Fitzgerald hit. Thanks for listening.
you got what it takes
Duet with : Billy
love doing duets with ifyousayso, thank you Billy
Swim - Madonna
This is a number by my daughter, Lora. I hope you like her. "Swim" Madonna "Ray of Light" Trk:2 1998 Madonna; William Orbit More
Midnight Blue
Duet with : Ritisroo
Duet with Ritisroo. This is a song from 1982 by Louise Tucker and Charlie Skarsbek. Wikipedia, "Midnight Blue - utilized the melody of the second movement of "Sonata Pat...Show More
Even If (MercyMe cover)
This was live at my church last Sunday. I really connect with this song because when I'm helping lead the congregation in song, sometimes I'm really not feeling the Spirit. Then I ...Show More
Weiße strände blaues meer und rote wein   (Original )
Hello everybody it`s been a while since i recorded something. I needed some time out for real life stuff to be sorted. My friend Terry gave me the idea to make this. ( where talkin...Show More
This Diamond Ring
1960's Boy Band.
I second that emotion
Disc MFG Name : ChartbustersDisc Number : CBE45904
June/July 2015 recording and mix... bear in mind this was before I went to university and had the slightest clue what I was doing! Thank you if you choose to listen.

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