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Yes, it is time for the Annual HOLIDAY SONG THEME! Christmas, New Year, name it! Celebrate the season!

Midnight Blue
Duet with Ritisroo. This is a song from 1982 by Louise Tucker and Charlie Skarsbek. Wikipedia, "Midnight Blue - utilized the melody of the second movement of "Sonata Pat...Show More
you got what it takes
love doing duets with ifyousayso, thank you Billy
I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket
Hope you enjoy this old Ella Fitzgerald hit. Thanks for listening.
Weiße strände blaues meer und rote wein   (Original )
Hello everybody it`s been a while since i recorded something. I needed some time out for real life stuff to be sorted. My friend Terry gave me the idea to make this. ( where talkin...Show More
This Diamond Ring
1960's Boy Band.
I second that emotion
June/July 2015 recording and mix... bear in mind this was before I went to university and had the slightest clue what I was doing! Thank you if you choose to listen.
Big Bad Handsome Man
A fun song....from my archives. Thanks for you (re)listen:-)
Stagger Lee (Lloyd Price)
Released in 1958, this song would rise to the top of BillBoard in 1959. Many covers have been made of this classic including Lloyds*s. The first recording dates back to 1923 and ...Show More
Black Roses - Nashville Soundtrack Clare Bowen (Scarlette)
I stated watching Nashville when it came out...and then stopped after Season 1. Its been on Netflix so I binged watched LOL. I always loved Clare Bowen's voice. I don't know wha...Show More
The Seashores of Old Mexico
Merle Haggard wrote this song and Hank Snow released it in 1972. 34 years later, George Strait covered it and I am using his arrangement.
Tragedy - The Fleetwoods
This song was popular somewhere around 1958. Not sure exactly when. Hell, I was 11. lol "Tragedy" - The Fleetwoods "Come Softly to Me: The Very Best of the Flee...Show More
Titanium - Sia
Finally not so busy anymore, so I can be on and record more :) One of my favs! Just with a piano track. All the harmonies are me :) Let me know if there is anything that can be f...Show More

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