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Challenge for Aug/Sept

Challenge for Aug/Sept: Double Play - Songs about summer or Songs about school.

Cold day in hell
Disc MFG Name : Sweet Georgia Brown
My fellow singers, this shall be my final upload to this website. I have had very little time for KSK or any other online karaoke platform for quite some time due to study, work an...Show More
I second that emotion
Disc MFG Name : ChartbustersDisc Number : CBE45904
June/July 2015 recording and mix... bear in mind this was before I went to university and had the slightest clue what I was doing! Thank you if you choose to listen.
Disc MFG Name : Music Maestro
From Wikipedia: "Jessie" is a song by American artist Joshua Kadison. It was released in May 1993 as the debut lead single from the album Painted Desert Serenade, but did...Show More
Stuck on you
Disc MFG Name : Karaoke-VersionDisc Number : 48841
Another from 2015..
It must be her
Disc MFG Name : Digitrax / ChartbustersDisc Number : CB11139
Old recording and gender bender. I did not know how to use a de-esser.
Gentle on my mind / Rhinestone cowboy
Disc MFG Name : Karaoke-VersionDisc Number : 53220
A huge thank you to Jerry for sending me the backing track to this beautiful song.
Some girls
Disc MFG Name : Karaoke-Version.comDisc Number : 50296
Mike Denver version
The last time
Disc MFG Name : SunflyDisc Number : SF02908
Recorded about two years ago, this was my first shot at three-part harmonies. Not exactly perfect but okay, intend to re-record if/when I ever get the time
I am, I said
Disc MFG Name : ZoomDisc Number : ZM70027
You got it
Disc MFG Name : Karaoke-VersionDisc Number : 54548
Tiree love song
Challenge Name : February love songs challenge
The Corries were a Scottish folk group, originally a trio but best known as a duo comprising of Ronnie Browne and Roy Williamson. They performed as a group from 1962 until Williams...Show More
Disc MFG Name : Zoom

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