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Stepping Out ( Liza Minelli) Requested
Dedicated To : Ron Hayes
I recorded this a few years back. I don't care for showtune songs much but I think someone years ago asked me to sing this so I did. Ron Hayes asked me to post this so I fished it...Show More
Let's Twist Again ( Chubby Checker)
Dedicated To : My healing foot
Me and the Hooligans on this oldie from 1961. For a few weeks I had a scary issue with my foot and I saw a video of people dancing to this and it inspired me.. Thanks for listeni...Show More
Soldier Of Love ( Lay down your arms) RARE BEATLES SONG
Found a backtrack for a Beatles song that they used to sing live before they were famous.. I added all the voices. Originally this song was an r&b recording by Arthur Alexande...Show More
Killing Me Softly With His Song
Me singing all parts.. A hit first in 1973 Originally recorded by Roberta Flack. Thank you if you'd like to hear me sing it.
April Love ( Challenge)
Challenge Name : April Challenge
I learned this song specifically for the April Challenge.. Showers are mentioned in the lyrics. 1957, Pat Boone for film of same title. Due to physical issues I am having, I'll b...Show More

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