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July Theme

Can't wait to see some of you tackle this! :)

Olympia, United States
LOVE JONES - The Brighter Side Of Darkness
Howdy, folks! Thought I'd give this Boy Band theme a go. Though I haven't had a lot of time recently to record anything new, I have this old tune I recorded about two years ago (...Show More
Four Walls
An old Jim Reeves tune.
You Make Me Feel Brand New - The Stylistics
This is a song Alan and I did 7 years ago. I hope you like it. “You Make Me Feel Brand New” The Stylistics “The Best of the Stylistics [Amherst]” Trk:1 1975 Linda Cree...Show More
No Matter What
Been a half century since I was a boy, but here goes this month's challenge. This song was actually written for the Andrew Loyd Weber musical, Whistle Down The Wind but was record...Show More
Titanium - Sia
Finally not so busy anymore, so I can be on and record more :) One of my favs! Just with a piano track. All the harmonies are me :) Let me know if there is anything that can be f...Show More
Every Street's A Boulevard - New York, New York
Slowly making my way uptown and back to Broadway but doing some shopping now on 34th Street in "New York, New York". ;-)
I Will - Dean Martin
I really like this song. I hope you like it a little, too. "I Will" Dean Martin "Dino: The Essential Dean Martin Disc 2" Trk:14 2004 Dick Glasser https://w...Show More
To Be With You
A favorite of mine..
1968... These two musicians touched us all with their style and harmonies. Vocals on this were created using multiple tracks. Enjoy . God Bless our sons and daughters and the famil...Show More
For The First Time
I'm BACK!!! My own rendition of a Kenny Loggins hit. Probably posted it a long time ago, but hey... I'm an old phart and phorgetful.
Houston - Dean Martin
The link I provided will give you his performance of the song on his TV show. Enjoy. "Houston" Dean Martin "Collected Cool Disc 2" Trk:14 2012 Lee Hazlewood...Show More
Something You Get Over
Willie Nelson's latest - One of those tug at you heart songs that touches us all. Thanks for listening. ;) ~ Michael Ray ~ ;)
The Wayward Wind
Country songs appear to be the most popular genre here, and I found one that is most idendified with Gogi Grant, but also recorded by Tex Ritter in 1956.
God Bless The U.S.A. - Lee Greenwood
Pure and simple, this is what I believe America is. Just as the founders intended it to be. If required, I would gladly put my life on the line, again, to protect those liberties...Show More
That's All
A re-mix of any older recording. Thanks to any listening~~~
Bring It On Home To Me
Sam Cooke/ The Animals
la luna  blue
Recorded by Monika Martin.My very good mate Leelesco made the track and did the mix for me.A very talented man.

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