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Happy Trails (To You)
Dedicated To : Rich, Qwirky, Lonesome Pine-Guy
Buckaroo Rich...this is yours buddy! I know you're way to young to remember Roy and Dale...So, I hope you're rock'n back and forth in the saddle, whistling a happy tune as you rou...Show More
The Way Our Love Use To Be (a copyrighted original)
I sent Lee lyrics; he wrote a track; sent me the track; I recorded it with lyric; sent it to him; he added additional instruments and sent the new track to me; I re-recorded and m...Show More
Alabama Moon (Lee & Jerry)
First, the backing track for this recording was produced entirely by the excellent talent and expertise of one great guy, Ludo (aka, leelesco). This song was given to me back in th...Show More

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