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It's a New Year and time for a New Theme! Let's get our party on in January! Any song that makes you feel uplifted, full of hope, just all around "feel good".

Climb Every Moutain
Dedicated To : Danny Lee
Hello to all and a special hello to Danny. May you many more birthdays and thank you so much for having such a wonderful site for folks who enjoy singing. God bless you always Da.....Show More
Hello fellow singers here to wish all of you a Happy 2019 !! When I sub the first song of the year I want it to be happy and moving. Hope you enjoy the song. I also hope to be arou...Show More
Mary Did You know
Hello fellow singers. I would like wish all of you a safe and wonderful Christmas Day. Thank you for you support and I hope you enjoy this carol...... Benny
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Disc MFG Name : custom
Hello fellow singers. Its been awhile I have not been around. I like to share this classic, that has been sung by so many. I hope you enjoy this version.... Benny
With Out You
Disc MFG Name : Custom
Hello fellow singers. I like to share this song from way back when. I heard this arrangement and I really liked it. This versions is Shirley Bassey’s she also recorded the...Show More
Ave Maria
I have sung quite a few different arrangements of Ave Maria. I have also accompanied myself with piano at times and with an organ in church.. When I came across this arrangement ...Show More

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