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It's a New Year and time for a New Theme! Let's get our party on in January! Any song that makes you feel uplifted, full of hope, just all around "feel good".

Summer Time From Porgy and Bess
Challenge Name : Summer
This is a lot easier than last time I sang it, but still not sure about that high note...Oh, well. I had fun!
Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) - Live
Hi everyone! I was a member of the old KSK way back when. Here's my first upload here - a live recording of me singing "Vincent." Don McLean wrote the original, but this ...Show More
Midnight Blue
Duet with : Ritisroo
Duet with Ritisroo. This is a song from 1982 by Louise Tucker and Charlie Skarsbek. Wikipedia, "Midnight Blue - utilized the melody of the second movement of "Sonata Pat...Show More
The Tragedy Of Prince Hamlet - From the Transported Man
Another from the Shatner album, not many more will vr successfully. This is a famous soliloquy from Hamlet. Parts are more famous than others. To listen or not to listen...
Romeo and Juliet - From William Shatner's - The Transformed Man
And yet, another WS VR. The Westside Story, before it became the Westside Story. True luv does not run smooth. I'm in a sharing in mode so I do so, with this classic tale, as being...Show More
Cyrano De Bergerac - From William Shatner's - The Transformed Man
I do like this, that is to speak it and express it and... well I like the soliloquy. Tis another VR track.
Misty Blue
a song by Billy Joe Spears,

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