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Black Roses - Nashville Soundtrack Clare Bowen (Scarlette)
I stated watching Nashville when it came out...and then stopped after Season 1. Its been on Netflix so I binged watched LOL. I always loved Clare Bowen's voice. I don't know wha...Show More
The Rainbow Connection (Muppets cover)
I'm posting this for three special young ladies who I'm very fond of. From Billy to Caroline, Grace and Charlotte. (Yes, that's me singing)
Get Happy
Missed the exit ramp for Broadway so went to the movies instead. 1930 Harold Arlen song most identified with Judy Garland in "Summer Stock".
Razzle Dazzle
From the Broadway show and winner of Best Picture in 2003, "Chicago".
They Call The Wind Maria
I listen to you wonderful Country singers - a genre that doesn't like me. This is the closest I can come to it as it's from a Western, "Paint Your Wagon". :-)
A Wink And A Smile (Sleepless In Seattle)
I don't think Satchmo ever sang this one but I'd like to think if he had it would have sounded something like this. Time to give the old tonsils another bashing. If you do, thanks...Show More
Le Jazz Hot
From the movie "Victor/Victoria".
Movie Theme
Someone To Watch Over Me - Frank Sinatra
"Someone To Watch Over Me" Frank Sinatra "Concepts Disc 13" Trk:14 1992 George Gershwin; Ira Gershwin There's a ...Show More
I Still See Elisa
Another from - Paint Your Wagon - this is the track for Ed Ames. If you knew Elisa like I imagine Elisa, you would see her too. That's why I was talking to the trees. I still see...Show More
I Talk To The Trees
Clint Eastwood sings this in Paint Your Wagon - I've gone out on limb with this. All the trees do when I talk at them is turn a leaf ear and bark. I talk to the trees But they ...Show More
Dulcinea - from The Man of La Mancha
Challenge Name : February Love Challenge
Don, sings this to Dulcinea - after or during his performance the others in the tavern begin to mock him. This is the Howard Keel version. I did not know he performed it. I to can ...Show More
The Sweetheart Tree -- February Challenge
Challenge Name : Love Songs
This song was originally sung by Natalie Wood in the movie, The Great Race. I remember seeing this movie in the theater as a kid and loving this song the first time I heard it in ...Show More
The Man Of La Mancha (I am I, Don Qwixote)
In a dramatic mood... no, not being a drama-qween. Tilting at windmills is just a hobby.
Recorded in 1964 for the film of the same name starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson. Hope you like my version. Thanks for listening...Beryl..x x
From the film of the same name, with Doris Day and Rock Hudson. Was recorded in 1964 on Columbia Records, but not released as a single. Hope you like my version. Thanks for listen...Show More
As Time Goes By -- February Challenge
Challenge Name : Romantic Songs
This one kinda fits both January and February challenges. Although, the lyrics are not particularly mushy, it's still a romantic favorite.
Herod's Song - Jesus Christ Superstar - Movie-Musical challenge
Challenge Name : Movie songs
Have listened and enjoy Joyce's song from JSC, wanted to share my version of Herod's Song.
Tomorrow - From the show Annie - movie music challenge
From the movie and Broadway show - Annie. I don't have a red wig on, I sing it with energy and exuberance.
Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Another challenge submission...Everyone will no doubt recognize this song as the theme for TV's Cheers. It was written and performed by Gary Portnoy, who later recorded a longer v...Show More
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - Mary Poppins - movie challenge
Challenge Name : Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is a magical word, it made Disney lots of money. My contribution to the movie theme, song challenge.
Can You Feel The Love Tonight
In keeping with this month's challenge theme...Elton John did this for the movie, The Lion King.

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